twelve deadly cyns

you got me goin'
running around in circles
don't wanna change a thing
just everythin' about reality

you got me goin' goin' goin'
in circles
wanna change
wanna change
every bit of my reality

she sings:
i said im sorry baby,
im leaving you tonight
i found someone new,
he's waiting in the car outside

i watch cry baby twice,
think for myself; its wierd and nice
johnny depp is still the man in my dreams
even if he's got a tear tatooded under his eye

i think: me and inga from sweden?
nothin' in common

omg. now she sings,
i drove all night
taking me right back to 7th grade
about that movie me and mikaela never made

thinkin' of how
"you see black and white, and i see red"
was the story of my life
i wished, at least

and all i can think
i miss my reality
(and then some more..)


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